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At 19 I became inolved with machines. I worked as an engineer in a telephone exchange. Programmed accounting machines when I was 21. i did other stuff including travelling around the world overland. I had my first personal computer in 1981 a ZX81 got involved with the big stuff in 1985 when I joined a government agency Psychology department. In those days pdychologists were better able to understand computer multitasking. We programmed a network of touch sensitive computers in job centres accessing a national daqtabase of job vacancies in real time. I installed and evaluated the first installation. I also tested an Expert System for the department.

After a stint in the Probation Service where I got my masters and, during which I got my first proper laptop, I started my own company and we evolved into a wireless Internet Service Provider with two web servers and name servers, a leased line into the Internet backbone into Dublin. The dot com crash and lack of local funding ment we closed around 2006. No one lost anything.

After a bout of illness where I was diagnosed Bi Polar (manic depressive) I started up web hosting again. Then in 2010 I was diagnosed as having cancer. I got the all clear in April 2012. By December I was back to full health and started again.

In 2001 I registered Irish Secure Internet Services. (I have designed it for second life profile page) I lost it twice and got it back. We are now alive and well and on the net.

I’m Back!


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