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blackhandI love the animations in second life and elsewhere. Here is my fav:>


blackhandI am a bit surprised at all the websites I visit are static. hmm. I am a bit of a loss as to why. Its like the early days of cinema when there were slideshows. We have slideshows in our gallery. Stills. But even stills can be manipulated. i have been using for 3 years. No one else does.The only site I found was The Hard Rock Cafe Memorabilia. Which is awesome. Highly recommended. They use the Microsoft Blend program that I think is still free.Here is an example from our fashion site. Place your mouse over the image you will get a menu, hold the mouse button down to drag the image. It is only a jpg file.:>

This is a free service and can be done with any jpg or png on the net. It was an independent company 3 years ago but Microsoft® bought it.
Then the revolution came = Moving Pictures then came Talkies!!!! Perhaps animated  gifs are seen as passé . Yet there are superb ones like the one below:>

The moving curtains make it very real. Animations can make great teaching aids.Unfortunately this animation, which was originally a flash program is no longer available.


The following is an RSAnimate video explaining the power of networks. If you are here now you have already understood the power that networks can have. You will be using your avatar as a visual aid across a network. We are seeing a paradigm shift.



We at Avatar Creations would love to hear from you on the topic of animations. We can create them as well as videos of anything you wish to disseminate be it a teaching or commercial venture. Maybe you have an animation you would like to share. Please either leave a comment or fill out the form below. We will publish after moderating.


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