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Domains and Costs

Hello and Welcome

Just as electricity has to be paid for and server maintenance to keep things running smoothly has to be pad for, so too does your domain or sub domain. Everything is, of course, ad free. The costs are :

  1. Setup: FREE. WordPress blog with BuddyPress plug-in configured allowing multiple contributors, jetpack gallery, comment system and widgets, , google sitemaps, anti spam,. 4 hours one to one help (not necessarily at one time) via skype.  Free email support thereafter, with 12 hour turnaround.  WordPress is very easy to use and it is unlikely you will need support once the foundations are in place.
  2. Full cPanel including site builder tutorials etc etc.
  3. 250 mb of disk space, unlimited email accounts.
  4. Hosting $27  / €20 per quarter payable in advance
  5. You may wish to consider getting your own domain and the cost for a dot com, net, org, biz or info is $15 or €10 per annum. (recommended). Please note according to ICANN (domain registry) domains cannot be transferred within  60 days of registration.

Running your own domain is very very easy and very rewarding. Al last you and your family have your own Internet addtress. Tou can even set up a sub domain for your summer residence!. Invite guests to contribute as well. You are the master / mistress of your domain. Small problems that may arise can be delt with via Skype, bigger issues such as web design, animations and video are charged at $6 or €8 per hour. If you are a member of second life for academic or business reasons we offer an avatar creation service

Please fill out the form below, be great to have you on board. If you would like to chat about anything please skype me dude.starship. Please do not just ask for contact details.


Philip Finlay Bryan
CEO 21st Century Networks

Please Fill Out our form on Personal Domains


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